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Veduta aerea del nostro sito produttivoFonderia Macchi Carlo is active since 1936 in its headoffice in Milan.
Experience, technology and professionalism are the elements of a know-how which distinguishes Fonderia Macchi Carlo in the field of nonferrous metals.
The department of refinery allows us to keep producing more than 60 different alloys complying with the international regulations UNI-DIN-SAE-ASTM-BS-UE, etc., up to special alloys prepared upon specific regulations from the customer as well as special alloys from our own production.
Particolare dei macchinari da noi utilizzatiThe Technical Office has been created to make our pluriennal experience available to our customers, providing - before castings - our advice about the use of produced alloys.
Sand castings, chill castings, centrifugal castings, continuous castings ingots and forged pieces.
With its trade mark of bronzes CM, DURAN and MAC, Fonderia Macchi Carlo assures the unchangingness of mechanical characteristics in agreement with Quality.
The end result is the achievement of greater specific loads, higher sliding rate, reduced backlashes, tolerability of temporary lack of lubrification. The inner laboratory, provided with highly reliable equipment (X-Ray Spectometer Philips, Hardometer Amsler, Forster-Sigmatest), allows us to issue the certificates which usually follow our castings: chemical analysis, Brinell hardness, penetrating liquids, electric conductivity.
This is an organization always ready to reply with the best availability and professionalism to "mould" the customer's needs.


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