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Tin - lead - zinc and nickel bronzes
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Tin - lead - zinc and nickel bronzes

Metallurgic properties
Quaternary alloy with proper addictions of nickel. To obtain quality castings with high level of pressure seal, resistance and ductility in castings with variable thickness both at high temperatures and below zero.

Mechanical characteristics
Achieved according to the regulations of the table UNI 4855 "Casting copper alloys as ingots and castings - Generalities and tests"

Designation Composition Unitary utimate tensile stress

Brinell hardness

CM Cu/Sn/Pb/Zn/Ni 20÷25 8÷15 60÷70 Sand casting
Coninuous casting
Centrifugal casting

Typical application
The trademarks of bronzes "CM" "DURAN" "MAC" assure the unchangingness of mechanical and metallurgical characteristics in the castings we produce.

Structural applications, flanges, joints, steam valves, valves, pumps, impellers, valves for overheating steam, supports, terminals, bearings and gears submitted to an average stress.


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